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Our Philosophy

We believe in:
* The right of people to make choices & maintain their independence in their own lives.
* The right of people to dignity, respect, privacy and confidentiality.
* The right of people valued as individuals.
* The right of people to access services on a non-discriminatory basis.
* The right of the community to receive accountable and responsive services.

We have a common goal with our clients: To assist them to maintain their independence and enhance their quality of
life and personal wellbeing.

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Our vision is to be a quality provider of services to maintain frail aged people and younger people with disabilities, including those with complex needs who are at risk of premature or inappropriate institutionalisation, in their own homes.

Our staff provide in home care and Disability care in a respectful and holistic way to the client and the carer. Our philosophy is to provide a high-quality service and respect the cultural and spiritual lifestyle of our clients, their carers and families overall. We have a common goal with our clients: To assist them to maintain their independence and enhance their quality of life and personal wellbeing.

Client Lifestyle Facilitators
Our Client Lifestyle Facilitators have extensive experience and qualifications in health and aged care (Registered Nurses and Allied Health Professionals. All our Support workers have Certificates in Aged Care and up to date CPR and First Aid qualifications. They also complete mandatory training in Infection control, Manual Handling, Fire safety and food safety and are supported by a group of health professionals with experience in caring for the elderly and people with disabilities and illnesses. All our staff undergo a National Police check and sign Confidential Agreements and privacy statements at commencement of employment.

All our recruitment and selection procedures adhere to all legislative requirements in relation to Equal Employment Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination and are aligned to the expressed values of the organisation.

Code of Conduct
Our Code of conduct guides professional boundaries and delivery of quality practice.

All our staff receive culturally inclusive training and appropriate resources.

Technological Integration
We provide integrating technology with online capability to improve efficiency of systems and eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks.

Work Environment
We provide a dignified, equitable and productive work environment for all employees.

We acknowledge and recognize contributions made by our staff members. At ACC, we have an internal culture where we value and award their contributions.

Our internal culture and personal values is reflected in our High Staff Retention.